• Desmond I wanted to thank you and your team for making the transition of our rental property seamless. We are new investors and have not dealt with tenants all that much. You made it easy for both the tenants and us. Looking forward to working with you. Much appreciated.

  • Very friendly and pays attention to detail. I am an owner of three different apartment buildings here on the south shore. Another landlord and I were talking and he mentioned that he has a manager for his properties. Desmond, he says. He handles all my properties I don't have to deal with the maintenance or the tenants. He does it all. Makes my life so much easier. Long story short.... I just met Desmond (Source 1 Property Management). He is going to be my property manager. He has the qualities and the correct demeanor for the position. Looking forward to this partnership.

  • Awesome Service and professionalism. I am an employee for a large fitness center. It's a long story. But Source 1 Property Management was referred to us by the owners friend. We had major water problems from ice and snow on the back of our building. Desmond got his crew and spend the next few hours solving the problem. Hopefully he can be part of the building property Management We at the gym would highly recommend Source 1 Property Management

  • Desmond answered my call. (Unlike most-never mind calling back) He answered all my questions. Met me the next day. He even fixed my bulkhead door while he was here. We have a ten unit rental building 4 retail spaces and 6 res rentals. It's gotten too much for us with rents/tenants and repairs and updates. Source 1 Property. We live in New York and it will be nice to have a trusting hand back in Marshfield. Management will be taking over on June 1st We are looking forward to working with Desmond Glynn and his team.

  • High quality, professional and friendly. As a Property manager myself (manage my own buildings) I reached out to Source 1 PM Because I needed help with a couple of issues at my five family here in Plymouth. Des Glynn who I met a couple months ago helped and put me in contact with two of his vendors to take care of a couple of sticky situations at my property. I will surely return the favor someday if Des is ever in need. I really appreciate the help. Thank Ron and Marcella for me.

  • Desmond It was great to meet you and to hand over the management of the Boston building. As I said it can sometimes be a challenging property. You seem to have what it will take to transition and move forward. All the best from one property manager to another..

  • I am a tenant here in Marshfield. Des is very attentive and professional Landlord and Property manager. He treats this place like he lives here himself. He always answers or calls back when I call. Other tenants say the same. When you live in an apartment setting there is always issues, either be maintenance or tenant problems. Its not about having issues. There will be lots of them. Its how they are handled.

    Des and Source 1 Property Management handle everything very professionally and respectful to the tenants and the contractors he brings in.

    I highly Recommend him if your looking for a property manager who cares about you