How to Deal with a Bad Property Management Company

You bought your rental property with the intention of making money and improving your overall quality of life. You hired a property management company to help take care of the work and free up your time — or so you thought.

If you're receiving late payments, dealing with excessive costs, or are struggling with any number of other problems due to your management company, you may have a problem on your hands. But do you know how to deal with a bad property management company? What should you do to get things back on the right track?

Read on and we'll walk you through everything you need to know.

Signs of a Bad Property Manager

If this is your first time working with a property management company, you might be unsure of what kind of behavior to expect. Are you jumping the gun on your judgment, or should you feel justified in your anger?

It depends on how the company in question has been acting. A good property management company should be open in their communication, help you to set the most advantageous rent amounts, and keep up with repairs and maintenance. 

If a company fails to communicate with you or loop you in on important matters, you have a good reason to be upset. If you aren't able to get in touch with the company, there's a good chance that your tenants can't either.

In addition, a bad property management company might be one that doesn't do proper check-ups on your rental property or keep it in good condition. 

If you've experienced any of this or more, it's important you act fast to rectify the situation.

How to Deal With a Bad Property Management Company

The steps you should take to handle your situation will depend on the severity of the problem at hand. If you've just started to have trouble with your property management, it might be worth reaching out to the manager of the company.

Filing a complaint with them can help to have them resolve the issue on their end. The manager might assign a new employee to your property and you'll see better results.

If you don't have any luck talking to one of the higher-ups at the company, it might be worth considering filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You might even want to think about filing a lawsuit if your well-being has been damaged as a result of poor management.

The most important thing you can do if you realize you're working with a poor property management service is to drop them quickly. The sooner you fire your management company, the more trouble and money you'll save yourself.

Finding Quality Property Management

Do you know how to deal with a bad property management company? The above information can be greatly helpful in determining what to do.

Ready to replace your poor service with something of great quality? Contact us today for help with your rental property.

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